Stargazer Dome - Recharge Yourself in Nature

We often forget what are the really important things in life. We rush, get nervous, over-plan, our lives revolve around stressful deadlines. We just don’t have time to experience and understand the essence, the everlasting nature all around us.

This thought brought to life the construction of our Stargazer Dome (Csillagkupola) , where you can get close to nature again, get amazed by the small wonders of our surroundings – the Sunrise and Sunset, the full Moon and the starry Sky.

Visit us in Szólád, experience this wonder, recharge yourself!

Real reviews

The hosts are very kind and helpful, I would go back anytime!
The place is clean, environmentally conscious, cool. If you want to relax and retreat from the world, you can do it here, because you have everything you need.


- 2022. july

It is a very special experience to lie under the starry sky in the evening, complete relaxation and recharge is guaranteed.:) Also, the entire environment and the design of the accommodation itself contribute to the fact that you break away from everyday life.


- 2022. july

This accommodation and its surroundings were a miracle for us, which enabled us to switch off completely. We have never tried any accommodation of this type before, but we did not feel any discomfort.


- 2022. july

Basically, I like to sleep outdoors, but I think the dome provides 100% comfort anyway. The bed is comfortable, the view is beautiful. It is cool in the tent in the evening, hoodies/socks are recommended for those who are cold, but this is the ideal temperature for sleeping! I think we were in the jacuzzi until about midnight.


- 2022. july

We've experienced a complete relaxation!
We got away from the noise of the city and everyday life and spent a wonderful, romantic day here.
I recommend it to everyone who wants to recharge with their partner.


- 2022. july

If someone wants complete peace and relaxation in a special place, choose this one. The hosts are very kind, it seems that theyrun this accommodation from their heart. It was good to be here.


- 2022. june

Unique, special, captivating - this is the Stargazer Dome

The Stargazer Dome was built in Szólád on an area of half a hectare, approximately 4 km from the southern shore of Lake Balaton, in the highest and most beautiful part of the Somogy hills (Alman-Hilltop and Nezdepuszta). The special feature of the Stargazer Dome is its structural construction on the one hand, and its huge roof and front panoramic windows on the other. You can literally sleep under the starry sky, look at the Big Dipper from your bed, or admire the hills of Somogy shone by the moon. Our 19 sqm dome offers a comfortable stay. There is a garden shower and small hot tub to refresh yourself. We use composting toilet (waterless) in the property. Due to the special structure of the Stargazer Dome, we can’t host small children in the property, the accommodation is also not pet-friendly. Please note, that the Stargazer Dome is 160 meters away from the asphalt road, therefore you will need climb uphill or walk downhill. An average physical condition is a must to reach the dome.


The Stargazer dome and its surroundings

Stargazer Dome - interior

Stargazer Dome - garden view


  • Hot Tub

  • WIFI

  • Eco-friendly plates, glasses

  • Sun chairs

  • Air conditioning

  • Turntable

  • Refrigerator

  • Camping kitchen

  • Telescope

  • Fire Bowl

  • Furniture Safe

  • Coffee Capsule Machine

  • Garden shower

  • Composting Toilet

  • Bicycles

  • BBQ machine

Price for two for 2 nights min.

Price for two for 2 nights min.

Main season - starts from June 15

115 EUR /day *
  • WIFI - unlimited data stream
  • contains tourist tax
  • availability: maximum 6 days / stay
  • check-in: from 2 pm
  • check-out: from 10 am
  • * security deposit: 100 EUR/ stay


      * required

    How to get there

    HOW TO GET THERE BY CAR: Szólád is about 1.5 km away from exit 130 of the M7 motorway.

    HOW TO GET THERE BY TRAIN: The village does not have its own railway station, the nearest railway station is in Balatonszárszó, 4 km from the center of Szólád. The train station is connected to the village center by a long-distance bus service.

    HOW TO GET THERE BY BUS: Szólád can be reached from Siófok or Keszthely or Kaposvár, on road 7. You will need to change the bus line in Balatonszárszó, and get on the local long distance bus service from Balatonszárszó to Szólád.

    HOW TO GET THERE BICYCLE: Going to the center of Balatonszárszó on the Lake Balaton bike path, turn onto the Sóádi road, then turn 4 km to Szólád.

    PARKING: The Star Dome was built on our half-hectare plot, approx. It has its own area of ​​4000 sqm. Your car can be found at 58 Kossuth Lajos utca. 160 meters from the property. The parking lot is located inside our private area, behind a fence.